Information Systems Technology

Cushman & Wakefield Excellerate has an open system approach, enabling us to work on any system or application required by our clients. This creates efficiencies and value by capitalising on unique technology and optimising automation possibilities, within a flexible working environment with rigorous security capabilities. Our clients have access to the world-class technology systems and IT infrastructure and also benefit from reduced costs.


Tier 1 – Information Technology Infrastructure

  • Business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network connectivity
  • Enabling mobility and flexibility
  • Continuous vulnerability testing
  • Run on two independent data centres for redundancy and latency

Tier 2 - Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

  • SAP ERP platform and Real Estate
  • MDA and Nicor property software systems
  • myMCS integrated workplace management solution

Tier 3 – Operational

  • Time and attendance and rostering systems (biometric)
  • A barcode solution (RFID) in use for proof of delivery and tracking
  • Tracking of guards and cleaners
  • Centralised parking management solutions
  • Access control solutions
  • Centralised call centre, control rooms and workbench management
  • Focus on tracking and tracing
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Centralised Fleet Management
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